Charlie Brown Valentine And Other Favorites

I am sure that you all remember the many movies that were based on Charles M. Schulzs Peanuts comic strip. They started making them in the sixties and still make them to this day. The Peanut gang was so incredibly popular that it has attracted audiences across multiple generations. One of the newest stories to be adapted to a movie is A Charlie Brown Valentine. Below are some of our favorite holiday Charlie Brown movies.

1. A Charlie Brown Christmas this film is about discovering the true meaning of Christmas, through the eyes of Charlie Brown. As the story opens, Charlie Brown is depressed and frustrated because he sees all of his friends and family getting so caught up with the materialistic aspects of Christmas. He watches Lucy and Snoopy become obsessed with their presents and the holiday decorations, Schroeder only cares about the Christmas pageant and the rest of his friends are only concerned with writing their letters to Santa and what they will get as gifts.

Charlie Brown is disgruntled and ashamed of the fact that Christmas has become so commercial so he sets out on a journey to show everyone what it is truly about. He is given the task of picking out the perfect tree for the Christmas pageant which gives him a brilliant idea as to how he will get his message across to those he loves. He buys the tiniest and ugliest looking tree that he can find and brings it to the pageant. At first, everyone is stunned, but then, after a speech from his best friend Linus, he is able to teach everyone what Christmas is really about.

2. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving this special opens with Charlie Brown getting ready to go to Thanksgiving dinner with his grandmother. Just before he leaves, Peppermint Patty calls and pretty much invites herself over to his house for Thanksgiving dinner. Charlie Brown can never get a word in with Peppermint Patty and before he knows it, she has invited a bunch of her other friends over too.

At first, he is upset, but with some coaxing from Linus he is convinced to have two dinners; one with his grandmother and the other one at his house with friends. The film shows how it all unfolds and how Charlie Brown pulls through for all of his friends and family to make sure they have the best Thanksgiving ever.

3. A Charlie Brown Valentine this special is much newer than some of the others and was aired in 2004. This film is all about the things that Charlie Brown has to go through when he wants to get the courage to ask the little red haired girl to the school dance for Valentines Day. Throughout the special, he realizes that Peppermint Patty likes him and wants to ask him to the dance. This is a true glimpse into what a Charlie Brown valentine is all about and what it means to him.

The Charlie Brown specials have been a mainstay in homes across America for decades and if this pattern is any indication, then it will only continue to grow in popularity as the years pass.