Easy Gift Wrapping Idea With A Pocket


This easy gift wrap idea features a pocket for adding embellishments or gift tags.

gorgeous gift wrapping techniques

I love wrapping gifts! I think it is so much fun to make each gift look special, add cute little details and come up with pretty combinations of wrapping paper and ribbon and bows.

I should also say that any gift I wrap after December 20th will probably be as plain as can be. LOL.

Today I’m sharing a really simple gift wrapping idea that you can adapt to be as fancy or as simple as you want. I went all out, over-the-top glamorous with one gift, but the other one is fairly simple so you can see two different examples.

All you really need to wrap a gift this way is two coordinating wrapping papers. Anything else is just extra.


Step 1: Wrap your gift like normal in a base wrapping paper.

how to make a pocket gift wrapping

Step 2: Add a second layer of a coordinating wrapping paper, but the top edge should only go 1/2 or 1/3 of the way up. I used the straight factory edge along the top, but you can also fold the edge under so that edge looks tidy. You could also use scallop edge scissors if you really want to get fancy.

unique gift wrapping with a pocket

Step 3: Tuck a few floral picks into the pocket. You can glue these in place or leave them loose. This is also the perfect place to add a card or gift tag. Just slide it into the pocket along with any cute embellishments you choose.

pocket gift wrapping idea

Step 4: Wrap ribbon around the bottom pocket portion of the gift and add a bow. I layered two ribbons together, then glued a one-layer bow on top of that.

fancy gift wrapping idea

Step 5: Attach a Christmas ornament or brooch or gem to the center of the bow for an extra bit of sparkle.

glamorous gift wrapping idea

Isn’t it just breathtaking?! It’s a mini work of art and I’m so excited to give this very special gift away.

Here’s an example of the exact same method with a more traditional, cozy Christmas style.

easy gift wrap idea

I love this one too! A wrapping paper pocket is almost as exciting as a dress with pockets!

Here’s a quick video to show you exactly how to do it if it’s still not clear.

Video Tutorial

Anyway, there you go. An easy and versatile technique to add to your gift wrapping arsenal. Run with it and make it your own. Happy crafting!


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