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How to connect Canon MG3600 printer to WiFi? It is the most common yet the most complex issue of all time. The wireless setup of your Canon printer MG3600 requires the setup instructions according to the device. To explain how to connect the Canon MG3600 printer to WiFi, we have gathered a complete guide. You can simply learn the setup procedure here rather than struggling with the manual or by yourself.

Now, you have to understand that you can set up your printer with Wi-Fi, or you can use a wired router. Also, you can use a USB cable to make the connection with a Windows or Mac device. So, get started with learning how to connect Canon MG3600 printer to WiFi.

How to Connect Canon MG3600 Printer Wirelessly?

You can connect your Canon MG3600 printer with a wireless setup to complete the print jobs. In this section, we will mention the instructions to set up the wireless network connection.

  1. First of all, turn on your printer and PC.
  2. Then, tap and hold the Wi-Fi button on the printer.
  3. Keep pressing the Wi-Fi push button until the LED blinks.
  4. After that, tap the Cancel button and tap the Wi-Fi button again.
  5. Now, you have to make sure that the Wi-Fi LED is blinking or not.
  6. Thereafter, tap the Start Settings button from the Control Panel.
  7. Then, you need to choose a connection method.
  8. Next, you are required to select “Wireless LAN Connection.”
  9. Once done, select the Next button.
  10. Now, a network list will display on the next display screen.
  11. Then, check and choose your printer.
  12. Hit the Next button to select a network after that.
  13. On the next screen, type the WPA key and click the Connect option.
  14. Complete the on-screen prompts and set up your wireless connection.

When you have started the Canon MG3600 printer setup, there are various levels to complete it. Once you have completed the wireless setup, start with the connection setup on Windows.

How to Connect Canon MG3600 Printer to WiFi (Windows)?

For your Windows device, you will need to connect the Canon MG3600 printer to Wi-Fi with the following steps. Before you start to connect your Windows PC and printer, go through the manual as well. Now, get started to connect your Canon printer and Windows device.

  1. First, check if your printer is switched on.
  2. Next, go to the Control Panel of the Canon printer.
  3. Now, you are required to tap and hold the Wi-Fi button.
  4. After that, you must hold it until the lamp starts blinking.
  5. Now, the Wi-Fi lamp will start blinking.
  6. The Wi-Fi lamp will remain lit once the connection is made.
  7. In the next step, download the printer driver from the official Canon website.
  8. Then, you have to double-click the Canon printer driver setup.exe file.
  9. Go to the User Control Account screen.
  10. Next, you need to click the Yes button.
  11. On the next prompted screen, tap the Start Setup button.
  12. Select a country on the prompted window.
  13. Now, the License Agreement window will appear.
  14. Agree to the terms and conditions of the License Agreement.
  15. Go to the Select Connection Method screen.
  16. Then, choose Wireless LAN Connection.
  17. Hit the Next button after that.
  18. Select a Canon printer from the list of available printers.
  19. Next, select a network you want to choose.
  20. Here, enter the security key in the text area.
  21. Click the Next button to connect.
  22. Hit the Next button on the “Setup Complete” screen.
  23. Select an additional software from the software installation screen.
  24. In the end, click the Exit button after completing the installation.

Your “how to connect Canon MG3600 printer to WiFi on Windows” is answered now. You have proper instructions to complete the wireless connection setup on Windows. Now, if you use a Windows device for your printer and require it to connect on an urgent basis, use another method. Here, we have brought up the directions for people to connect without a wireless connection. Let’s check them out.

How to Install a Canon MG3600 Printer on Windows Via USB?

In the prior guide, you got to know how to connect a Canon printer on Windows using a wireless network. However, if you want to use a wired network, you can use a USB connection. The following are steps to connect the printer and device via a USB.

  1. In the first step, turn on the Canon printer.
  2. Go to the official Canon printer website.
  3. Then, download the printer driver on your Windows device.
  4. Open your device and find the Devices and Printers option.
  5. On the next prompted screen, tap Add New Printer.
  6. After adding your Canon printer, right-click the Default Printer option.

If you are looking for “how to connect Canon MG3600 printer to WiFi,” you can also consider the USB connection method. It will allow you to connect with a commanding device directly. Once you have made the connection, try to print a test document.

How to Connect Canon MG3600 Printer to WiFi (Mac)?

These are the instructions for you to know how to connect Canon MG3600 printer to WiFi on a Mac device. Start your wireless connection setup on a Canon MG3600 printer with a Mac device.

  1. In the first step, check if your router has the WPS push button.
  2. Then, ensure that your network is using WPA or WPA 2 security keys.
  3. Next, you need to turn on your printer.
  4. After that, tap the Wi-Fi button and hold it for a few minutes.
  5. Now, let go of the WiFi button once the alarm lamp blinks.
  6. The WiFi lamp will blink in blue.
  7. Thereafter, you need to go to the router.
  8. Press the WPS button in the next step.
  9. Here, tap the button for a few minutes.
  10. Now, your printer is locating the available router network.
  11. While searching for the network, the WiFi LED will blink.
  12. After connecting to the network, the WiFi lamp will remain lit.
  13. Next, you need to download the printer driver.
  14. Install the driver on your Mac device with on-screen prompts.
  15. Complete the setup and print a test document.

These are the final steps for the wireless connection on a Mac device with a Canon MG3600 printer. However, if you do not want to go through the WiFi connection process, simply use a wired connection. In this guide, we have also provided the steps to connect your printer via a USB method. Step ahead and learn the process.

How to Install a Canon MG3600 Printer on Mac Via USB?

One of the most common questions among Canon printer users is how to connect Canon printer to Mac. Well, to answer this query, you can use the USB cord as well, if not Wi-Fi. The instructions are simplified in an easy way. People looking to resolve the “how to connect Canon MG3600 printer to WiFi” can try a USB connection too. Let’s get right to it.

  1. First of all, you have to turn on your Canon printer.
  2. Then, download the Canon printer driver from the official Canon website.
  3. Next, install the driver with the help of on-screen prompts.
  4. Now, you need to attach one end of the USB cable to the printer.
  5. After that, attach the other end to the Mac device.
  6. After completing the driver installation, go to the Apple Menu.
  7. Now, you need to click the System Preferences option.

  1. Then, click the Printers and Scanners option.

  1. In the following section, choose your printer.
  2. Click the “+” button in the Printers & Scanners section.
  3. Select your Canon printer model from the lists of printers.
  4. Now, you have to hit the Add button.
  5. Complete the setup with the on-screen prompts.

Now, you know that you can connect your Canon MG3600 printer with other devices without using Wi-Fi as well.

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