How to Frame Cross Stitch and Embroidery

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Here’s a different method for framing your gorgeous embroidery and cross stitch designs.  It’s using sticky board and the method comes to you from Stitched Modern.

What a great technique!  The tutorial takes you through the supplies you are going to need as well as all of the steps.

There are detailed photos as well as various options for mounting the canvas.  This method is not nearly as difficult as you may think it is and I will definitely be trying it!

Show off all of your hard work by framing it and putting it on display.  It’s easy with this fun method.

You can find the free tutorial here: How to Frame Cross Stitch and Embroidery Using Sticky Board

[photo from Stitched Modern]


In this tutorial we show you two different ways to mount your piece with sticky board: one with batting and one without. You will need some of the following optional materials depending on the method you choose.

  • Cotton batting
  • Double-sided tape
  • Masking tape
  • Tacky craft glue

Cut sticky board to size

If you need to trim your sticky board down to size, use a ruler and pen or pencil to mark the desired size directly on the board. If you are putting your needlework in a frame and the frame came with glass, you can trace around the glass to get the right size.

(Note: Needlework needs to breathe. If your frame came with glass, use it to measure the size of the sticky board, but don’t use it in your final framing. Needlework is generally finished in an open frame.)

Using a box cutter, craft knife, or sharp scissors, carefully cut the sticky board just inside the lines you drew. You want the board to be a touch smaller so that it will still fit in the frame once the fabric is wrapped around it.

One side of the sticky board is printed and the other side is blank. The printed side is the sticky side. Pulling off the printed backing paper exposes the adhesive. This will be important as you go forward.

Prepare the fabric

Be sure to wash and iron your cross stitch or embroidery before mounting it on the sticky board to remove any dirt or oil.

Roughly center your design on the sticky board – it doesn’t have to be perfect at this point. Fold the edges of the fabric around the board. Gently press to make light creases in the fabric. You will use the creases to help cut the fabric to size.

Remove the fabric from the board, and cut the fabric 1 to 3 inches away from the crease lines. For smaller projects, 1 inch is fine. For larger projects use 3 inches. If in doubt, go with a larger margin. You can always trim excess fabric when you are done.  For all info visit this link…


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