8 ways to freshen up your bathroom

Mermaid Shower Curtain

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Freshen up your bathroom and make your bathroom look and feel great. Here are some DIY bathroom decor ideas to refresh your space!

1. Numbered bathroom wall hooks

Organize any space with a piece of scrap wood and a few pieces of vinyl.

Find this Numbered Hook Sign project in Design Space.

2. Sea-inspired shower curtain

Get in touch with your inner mermaid with this mystical shower curtain!

Find this Mermaid Shower Curtain project in Design Space.

3. Container labels that will freshen up your bathroom in no time

Keep your bathroom essentials organized with the jar labels using Smart Vinyl.

Find this Bathroom Container Labels project in Design Space.

4. Jar wraps

This nautical fishnet design will add some intricate texture to your bathroom for extra classic luxury.

Find this Powder Room Jar Wrap project in Design Space.

5. Hair tools bin

Find this Pennant Basket Decal project in Design Space.

6. Freshen up your bathroom with medicine drawer labels

These simple labels will get your medicine cabinet in top form in no time.

Find this Medicine Cabinet Organization project in Design Space.

7. Custom makeup bag

Kiss your travel problems goodbye with this compact makeup bag.

Find this Metallic Kiss Makeup Bag project in Design Space.

8. Freshen up your bathroom with mason jars

Organize your favorite cosmetics with these adorable bathroom labels to freshen up your bathroom!

Find this Bathroom Storage Mason Jars project in Design Space.


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