Craft Beads, Old And New

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Craft beads have been used to create jewelry and other decorative pieces for hundreds of years. In ancient times, stone, turtle shells, animal horns and hooves, and fresh water clams were used to make decorations. Now, beads can be made from semi-precious stones, wood, glass, and plastic – just to name a few. The possibilities with craft beads are endless.

Craft bead projects range from beginner to advanced, complicated designs. You can purchase craft bead kits at your local craft store or online. If you already have a supply of craft beads, you can find free patterns and designs online. There are even kits and patterns available for children.

By far, the most popular use for craft beads is creating jewelry. They aren’t limited to use in jewelry, however. You can make holiday decorations, like beaded Christmas trees, or you can put beads on household items to give them a new flare. Another interesting project to try is to weave small beads together in intricate patterns to create stunning flowers.

Craft beads are made out of a variety of materials including glass, metal, terracotta, wood, plastic, stone, bone, horn, ivory, wood, ceramic, fiber, shell, pearl, coral, gemstones, seeds, resin, and clay. Beads can also be fashioned into many shapes including melon, oval, barrel, cylindrical, round, square, star, butterfly, heart, and flower.

When you consider the vast number of beads available, the possibilities are endless. The cost of individual beads will be determined by what they are made of, their use, and their age. You can even take beads from an old necklace or other piece of jewelry and craft them into a new piece that you will love.

You can create unique jewelry for yourself or create decorative gifts for loved ones. If you are going to create your own design, be sure that you have all the craft beads and other supplies you will need. You can do this by drawing out a detailed plan or diagram of the piece you want to create.

To complete a project, you will need craft beads, wire, wire cutters, and crimp beads. Crimp beads are soft metal and are used to complete a strand of beads. If you are creating jewelry, you will need the appropriate clasp also. If you would rather follow a pattern, there are books available at your local craft store, or you can find hundreds of free patterns online. Those instructions should give you a list of needed supplies.

You can purchase craft bead projects that are already completed at craft shows, stores, and online. The price of these items will depend on the type of beads used and the intricacy of the piece. You may also be able to find older beaded pieces or ethnic pieces. Native American, Mexican, and African bead craft are beautiful and unique.

Whether you are a beginner or an advance crafter, try doing some bead work. You will come to love using craft beads for their versatility and beauty. You will also love the jewelry and other decorative pieces you are able to create!