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Silhouette Cameo is an ultimate DIY cutting machine. It works really well on hundreds of materials. I am sure you would agree if you are a Silhouette Cameo owner yourself that it is the most used crafting tool in your designing studio or home. To make the best use of any machine, we can always enhance its capabilities by adding more accessories. The Silhouette Cameo is a programmable cutting and crafting machine just like the Cricut or Brother cutting machine.

And like every other cutting machine, it also can be accompanied by many tools and accessories. Today Silhouette Cameo machine is the top choice for people who like to create business-quality craft products. So, if you want to up your crafting game and want to learn what all accessories you can add to your Silhouette Cameo machine, then you are at the right place. Here is a list of 10 must have Silhouette Cameo accessories that would leave you wondering: “Why don’t I have it?”

10 Essential Silhouette Cameo Accessories

Here is a list of ten Silhouette Cameo add-ons and tools that you can add to your collection to accentuate your craft materials:


A laminator will help you to pull down double duty for your crafting project that you make on your Silhouette Cameo. You can actually buy it at a fair price as it is not expensive. This addition will give you a fast way to laminate craft and cut out your projects. You can also make reusable stencils with them by running the laminator sleeves in your Silhouette machine to cut them.

Silhouette Cameo

Head Lamp For Easy Weeding

A headlamp can be worn on your head region and is very easy to use. Once you strap it on, it will make it easier to weed HTV and vinyl. After you switch it on, it emits sharp light from above, which makes it really easy to see the cut lines. Also, the light will never be pointed in the wrong direction as long as you focus by looking at the vinyl while weeding.

Silhouette Cameo

Paper Poker Tool

This easy-to-use and handy tool are among the must have Silhouette Cameo accessories. You can easily remove the cut-out areas from your paper crafts very fast with this multi-purpose paper tool. The poker side of the tool pops paper cut-outs completely out if they do not stick while removing the rest of the cut from the Silhouette cutting mat. The other side of the paper poker tool has a roller brush intact. You can use the roller brush side to roll it across the intricate designs on the paper. This will remove the multiple cut-out areas faster, giving you a clean finish.

Silhouette Cameo

Clip On Stencil Level

With this great accessory, you will never apply a vinyl decal uneven on the surface ever again. The clip-on stencil level has clips on its end, so it sticks and builds a level. All you have to do is clip the stencil to the vinyl backing or transfer tape. Then, hold it up near to a surface, that can be a wall, the sides of a cup, or any other flat surface to level it. Lastly, apply the decal or stencil, and you will get an even finish.

HTV Vinyl Remover

The reason why this is among the list of must have Silhouette Cameo accessories is that it gives you a chance to do your craft stress-free. Once you get this, you will not have to worry in case you spill something or get a rouge piece of heat transfer vinyl pressed to your shirt. A small amount of this HTV Vinyl remover can help you get rid of not only the HTV but also the adhesive substances as well.

Corner Painter

This accessory will help you fill rhinestone templates that you cut out on your Cameo machine with the stones very fast. All you have to do is pour a pile of rhinestones over the flock and, with the use of a corner paintbrush, push the rhinestones into the template using a circular motion. The corner painter brush will flip over and fill all the rhinestones much faster than you can think.

Terial Magic

Terial magic is listed among the must have Silhouette Cameo accessories because it is the best product that you can use while cutting your fabric with your Cameo machine. You will have just to spray the Terial magic liquid on the fabric. Then you need to press the fabric piece to dry it out and stabilize it. For stabilizing, you can add iron-on to the stabilizer for easier adhesive applications. Lastly, cut your fabric in the design you want with your Cameo cutting machine.

Faux Wood Backdrops

After we are done creating awesome craft designs and projects on our Silhouette Cameo cutting machines, a good product photograph is a must. These faux wood backdrops are amazing and very different from the conventional boring neutral backdrops. They will accentuate the overall picture quality, believe me. Especially if you are capturing small items like key chains, ring dishes, and jewelry items, this additional accessory will enhance the overall look.

Silhouette Cameo

Sewing Gauge

Even though it is a small gadget, it is an extremely precise tool for cutting. It works very well when you use the hinge method to transfer vinyl decals and other substances on the surface of your substrates like wooden signs, canvas, and craft blanks. 

Clover Mini Iron

The last must have accessory in your collection is this double-duty crafting gadget. With this mini-iron, you can apply HTV in small areas of your project to remove little HTV mistakes by reheating.

Silhouette Cameo

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