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There are various types of games out there to play on your PlayStation 5. If you are lucky, there is much more to have nabbed one. But what that you love to play in only your PS5 and no other console? The best PS5 exclusive is the perfect way to experience everything the next-gen console has to provide, and although there are not as many exclusives yet as we would like to see due to the console shortage. There are still a few wonderful games you cannot afford to miss. We have rounded up a few of the best PS5 exclusives you cannot play anywhere else — along with some not-quite exclusives that you really want to experience on the PS5.

1. Returnal

At the top of our list of the best PS5 exclusives is Returnal. In this third person roguelike shooter, people mix a time loop with psychological horror and sci-fi factors to an amazing effect. You can play as an astronaut, Selene, who is crashed on an alien planet, far from home. You require to figure out how to get back to a safe zone, but there is a catch: You are stuck in an alien-infested version of Groundhog Day in a likely endless time loop. Returnal is an amazing showcase for the PS5’S haptic feedback but makes it sink quite a few, many times irritating hours into this stunning game.

2. Demon’s Souls

Demon’s Souls is not the latest next-gen Souls game — instead, it is a remake of the PS3 classic we all know and like. But it is constantly one of the best games that you will play on your PS5. Gameplay, for the most section, resembles the original game, but even at first glance, it is also one of the most visually attractive games you will have seen to date. You can play as an untimely soul exploring the Kingdom of Boletaria, where the evil and darkness lurk around every corner thanks to the Demon of ancient time, The Old One. After starting the game, you are incapable and weak of defending yourself, so you are ready to die a lot.

It is this type of fight for survival that brings you onwards, plus Demon’s Souls’ rich intertwining and narrative character backstories. Oh, and combat is brutal, challenging, and perilous, but always exciting. Ready to sink many, many hours into this one.

3. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

The players are charming characters with action-packed combat, silly humor, and colorful platforming — Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart has all of these things in spades. In the series at the time of the 16th installment is a PS5 game that is excellent for the whole family, earning it a well-deserved location on our given list of the best PS5 exclusives. Polished fun and visuals, addictive game mechanics sit alongside the choices to pay as either Rivet or Ratchet. We had much more into the story, but it is the best experience for you.

4. Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut

Although technically it is not a PS5 exclusive, you will need to play Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut on the PS5 to experience it in all its graphically-upgraded glory. It is a vast upgrade over the original game, and it does not price much more than your average DLC. Go back into the Jin Sakai’s world with the new combat techniques, new story missions, new armor, and more as you explore Iki Island. The Director’s Cut will generally make its way to PC at a few points, but for now, the best way to experiment with it is on PS5.

5. Gran Turismo 7

It should come out as no surprise that the much-anticipated Gran Turismo 7 is also one of the best PS5 exclusives around. We are cheating a bit here as technically, yes, it did arrive on PS4 too. But you really require to play it on the PS5 to experience it in all its greatness. A few say it is the perfect Gran Turismo yet — and the best PS5’s haptics certainly creates this the most actual driving experience to date. Almost-photorealistic tracks and vehicles, and induction for those latest to the series via the game Gran Turismo Cafe, and over 400 cars to race and collect make Gran Turismo 7 a must-buy PS5.

6. Destruction AllStars

Adrenaline-fuelled action? Verify. All-out-total destruction? Verify. Sony’s Destruction AllStars is fun, fast, addictive, and competitive, with a cast of 16 bigger-than-life characters. The game is the premise: hit your competitors and move fast, hard, is pretty easy, and the arcade moving and the ability to close your vehicle and move around the arena on foot in search of the latest one — or receive on competitors with powerful melee attacks — attaches a different spin to proceedings. There are four PvP version modes, with Mayhem, a chaotic freely available for all up to 16 players, by far the most fun.

7. Death Stranding Director’s Cut

Whether you played the actual version of Death Standing on PS4 or not, the Director’s Cut is a must for the best PS5 exclusives. The recent original game fiercely split opinions: a few felt its gameplay was like a full day of work as a delivery driver until others admired its complex and mad genius, puzzling story. For those who loved the actual Death Stranding, the Director’s Cut shows even better on the PS5, new missions, with technical improvements, locations to explore, and new game mechanics. We would not provide away too much more, but if the original was not for you, this is not likely to change your mind.


Are there any type of exclusives that are available for PS5?

If you relish taking a jaunt through a blank, completely haunted version of the Japanese capital, then Ghostwire: Tokyo is one of the PS5 exclusives for you. Although it is also supported on your PC, it is a PS5 console exclusive and really does appear excellent on Sony’s latest console.

Is the Astro’s playroom freely available?

The Astro’s Playroom is a freely available platforming game, had as a pack-in with the PlayStation 5. It is inspired by the concepts and characters first introduced in The Playroom VR and The Playroom, which ended in the full-blown Astro Bot Rescue Mission for PlayStation VR.

Is the Returnal PS5 exclusive hard?

Returnal launched in April as the best PS5 exclusives and received auspicious reviews from critics. However, this game is infamous for its high level of difficulty, factor Returnal to down off people’s radars in current months. Although the gameplay mode is challenging, Returnal’s concept is not straightforward.

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