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 Cricut manufactures a wide range of crafting devices and tools. These devices are designed to provide incredible results in a short period. Also, Cricut makes devices that vary in features, performance, and cost. As a result, people can choose a suitable device for them according to their preferences.

Additionally, Cricut Joy and Cricut Maker are among the most popular devices of the Cricut. Both devices are used for cutting and writing, but there is a huge difference in their working performance. However, due to limited knowledge of both machines, people often get dubious about which one they should choose. Hence, to help you, this blog aims to provide you with in-depth info on Cricut Joy Vs Cricut Maker.

Cricut Joy Brief Info

Cricut Joy is a beginner-level cutting machine. It is most suitable for cutting small designs. Plus, due to its compact size, this machine is very handy and easily portable. With the help of these devices, you can cut more than 50 materials, including smart materials. Additionally, this device is compatible with the Cricut Design Space and Cricut Joy apps.

Furthermore, The Cricut Joy has Bluetooth connectivity that helps it connect with your electronic devices. In addition, this device allows you to cut and design the materials with exact precision. With the help of this machine, you can create designs on mugs, cuffs, shoes, wallets, and a plethora of other daily-use products. Besides all, the best part about this Joy machine is that it is the most affordable Cricut cutting machine.

Cricut Maker Brief Info

Cricut Maker is suitable for moderate and pro-level crafting artists. Also, it is worthwhile to use if you own a business. However, it is also used by beginners too if they want to work on big projects. On these devices, you get to see loads of features that allow you to enhance your efficiency.

Furthermore, the Maker machine can easily cut 300+ materials with the utmost precision. Plus, you can cut, deboss, score, write, etc., with the help of this machine. This device works with the Cricut Design Space to make compelling designs to cut and print on your products. Cricut Maker is a bit expensive device but is an excellent choice if your plan is to work on big products such as hoodies, shirts, t-shirts, blankets, pillows, curtains, and others.

Cricut Joy Vs Cricut Maker: Detailed Comparison


Below are some of the key differences between both devices.

  1. The Cricut Joy can cut 50+ materials, and the other hand Cricut Maker can cut 300+ materials.
  2. Cricut Joy supports two insertable tools, and the Maker supports 12+ insertable tools.
  3. You will get the Commercial Grade performance in Cricut Maker but not in Joy.
  4. The Cricut Maker can print and then cut the project, but you cannot do it in Cricut Joy.
  5. Your Cricut Maker Device can score on the projects but not the Cricut Joy.
  6. The maximum cutting length of Cricut Joy is 20 feet, while Cricut Maker can cut only 24 inches.
  7. The Cricut Joy is compatible with smart materials but not the Cricut Maker.
  8. The Joy machine works with a card mat, but Cricut Maker does not.
  9. You can use the Cricut Joy app with the Joy machine, and you cannot use this app with Cricut Maker.
  10. You can engrave with the Cricut maker but not with the Cricut Joy.


Here are some of the similarities between the Cricut Joy and Cricut Maker.

  1. In both devices, you get to see the Bluetooth connectivity feature.
  2. Both devices are compatible with the Cricut Design Space App.
  3. You can cut designs on both machines.
  4. Both machines are able to cut the designs.


If you look at both of the devices, it becomes evident that both devices are very different in working performance. However, both devices are used for cutting materials. The main point is both devices differ in performance, features, and cost.

Furthermore, it is not right to say that Joy is only for beginners and Maker is for professionals. Anyone can use both devices and create awesome designs. So, it is up to people to choose which device they want according to their needs.



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