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Microsoft Office 365 cloud is a cloud-based product suite having the Microsoft program that can be run locally or synchronized to cloud storage. Office 365 allows you to work from anywhere or share documents with your team worldwide. Hence, it helps you and various businesses to work easily on different documents.

It supports desktop computers, web, and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Office 365 only supports lightweight versions of office apps to create and edit documents.

Now, you know what office 365 is cloud. But is it a cloud or software as a service? This question might come to your mind always. Let’s discuss the same.

Is Office 365 A Cloud Or Software?

Let’s start with knowing the difference between cloud and software. Basically, the cloud is the platform that lets you access anything over the internet. But in the case of office 365, it’s a part of cloud computing, an IT pattern that allows users to share various system resources and services with minimal management. Cloud computing is more than just software. It is not the same as cloud storage. Microsoft Office 365 lets users access files and information in an easy-to-use shared pool. It has made emailing and working easy like the cloud.

Now, it’s time to see the benefits of using the Office 365 cloud.

Microsoft Office 365 Benefits

Access files anywhere

It allows you to keep all your files in the cloud. Hence, you can access them on any device from anywhere with an internet connection. So, it’s a great tool when your work is mobile, and you need to access all the files and apps out of the office.

Secure cloud storage

Office 365 cloud offers you a completely secure network and storage with high-level security. For example, it has a two-step authentication that restricts any unauthorized person from accessing your files. Hence, it includes threat detection and antimalware security features to identify any threat and keep your files confidential. Thus, having office 365 keeps your business free from security issues.

Business continuity

All your business files and data stored in the cloud are regularly backed up to protect your business safe. It saves you from any disaster at the workplace. Your office’s data will be saved even if the physical device gets damaged. Also, the emails and a whole inbox can be restored with the office 365 cloud.

Enhanced communication

Office 365 allows users to keep the communication straight word with skype and outlook. For example, skype allows you to hold conference calls and meetings with clients from any location so that you can communicate easily regardless of the distance and time. All the features help instantly collaborate with your team members or clients from anywhere. It has an instant messaging function where you can add comments to the added files or documents simultaneously. This function works great in the cross-department and while co-authoring the documents.

Office 365 also allows you to “at” people on teams, so they get a message or notification that is particularly for them. Hence, these features keep you in contact with your team without a hassle.

There is another feature called Yammer that works as a social network for your business. You can post on your company news feed and can message the whole team. Also, the team and staff will be notified whenever you post something.

Similar to social platforms, in yammer also, anyone can add comments on a post.

Automatic upgrades

Office 365 cloud involves all the necessary apps such as Excel, Word, and Excel to work online without requiring software installation. With this, the upgrades are done automatically at fixed intervals. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the latest versions. The best thing is that you don’t have to purchase new software as the updates are already included in your subscription plan.

Expected expenditure

One best thing about office 365 is that it has an expected spend. We know that it comes with a monthly subscription per person. Hence, it is easy to predict the cost of each license. Let me tell you that the cost of your MS office license depends on the level of features and functions you choose for your business. This is why different businesses have different applications and products that may give you an idea of their license cost. Also, predictable spending lets you predefine your budget for years.

Furthermore, the license includes all the necessary upgrades that prevent you from the additional cost of your license. Overall, we can say it will be economical as well.

Enhanced collaboration

Office 365 cloud allows users to share emails, calendars, contacts, and edit documents via collaborative tools. Hence, it maintains a centralized collaboration of the team members. With the sharing of calendars, it has become easy to schedule meetings. Similarly, sharing mail lets, multiple users access the same mailbox. Moreover, there is another tool called SharePoint for enabling collaboration. Overall, it keeps the different members together by providing a multiple-access facility to edit documents, schedule meetings, and many more. Microsoft office monthly subscription helps companies to buy a plan that suits their work team. Plus, it notifies you if someone else is working on the document. Also, office 365 offers you all the latest versions of tools, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, etc.

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