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Printed ballpoint pens as a promotional item

Printed ballpoint pens have been the most sold promotional item for years! This is because they are always prominently present so that your logo is clearly visible, but also because they are cheap and therefore easy to give away. 

They come in countless colour’s, sizes and materials. There are pens made of plastic, metal, bamboo, paper and more. The pens have different colors for the holder, but you can often also choose between different writing colors. Have one of our digital design pens printed and create brand awareness for your company easily and cheaply.

Printed pens can be given away as a give away to existing and potential customers. This could be at an event or during a meeting. But also in combination with a brochure of your company. Printed pens are also often distributed within a company. They are then used by all employees, which has a positive effect on many people. In addition to standard promotional ballpoint pens, there are also pens from the brands BIC, Prodir and Parker. We can of course also provide these with a logo.

Looking for a very affordable pen?

Ballpoint pens can be printed from 5 pieces. This depends on the item. Are you looking for a very affordable pen? These can be ordered from 10 pieces. You can choose to have your logo or name printed on a pen, but it is also possible to opt for a text and sometimes even both. The pens can be printed in different ways, in 1 or more colours. We also have metal and wooden ballpoint pens that can be engraved. An engraving ensures that the logo does not wear off the pen.


Have you found an article on our website that is completely to your liking? Then you can easily order the pens. If you haven’t found a pen yet because there are so many possibilities and you can’t figure it out yourself? Then please contact us. Our experienced colleagues are ready to help you find the perfect item. You will then receive a quote by email. We also make a digital impression of the chosen pen with the desired expression. This will give you a good idea of ​​the end result. As soon as you are completely satisfied with the quotation and impression, we will ensure that production starts. You will then receive the pens within 5 to 10 working days. Delivery time always depends on the item, this is always stated in the quotation, ask here…

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