Halloween Decorations Must Have Craft Items

Halloween Decorations Must Have Craft Items

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Halloween Decorations Must Have Craft Items for you. It is a fun time of year, especially if you love making craft projects. Homemade Halloween craft projects can range from the very simple Halloween paper crafts, to an elaborate display. If the whole family is going to participate in making Halloween decorations you should plan way ahead of time.  Also to know exactly what items you’ll need to create all the spooky critters and c retires that will adorn your home.

Halloween Decorations Must Have Craft Items

It’s a good idea to buy either plastic drawer organizers, and/or storage boxes to keep all of the common tools and craft supplies you’ll be using–all in an easy-to-find place. Do your shopping early so that you’ll have plenty of time to find everything you’ll need.

Also a goodo a good idea to keep specific items in separate compartments or boxes and label them clearly.

Here is a list of craft supplies and tools you may want to have on hand:


** Art brushes
** Craft knife
** Decorative edge craft scissors
** Dressmaker’s wheel
** Foam Paintbrushes
** Hot glue gun and glue sticks
** Kitchen knife
** Hole punch with a heart, star, or other designs
** Paintbrushes
** Palette knife or plastic knife
** Paper scissors
** Pinking shears
** Pencils and ballpoint pens
** Rubber mallot


** Acetate film
** Acrylic craft paint
** Cardboard
** Clear acrylic sealer
** Colored construction paper
** Decorative grommets
** Double-sided tape
** Epoxy adhesive
** Flexible jewelry wire
** Foam-core board
** Liquid fabric stiffener
** Magnetic tape
** Masking tape (regular and black)
** Manilla paper
** Poster board (especially black)
** Rubber bands
** Scrap paper and old newspapers
** Sharp-tipped markers
** Snaps
** Spray adhesive
** Spray matte finish
** Tacking glue
** Tracing paper
** Transfer or carbon paper
** White paper glue


** Artificial gemstones
** Attachable alphabetical letters
** Battery operated tea lights
** Beads
** Buttons
** Cheesecloth
** Christmas lights
** Craft sticks
** Flat stick-on foamies
** Foam plastic balls and 3D shapes
** Glitter
** Googly eyes
** Liquid beads
** Microbeads
** Mosaic tiles
** Pipe cleaners
** Plastic bugs and other critters
** Polyfill webbing
** Pompoms
** Preformed cardboard shapes
** Ribbon
** Sequins
** Taper, tea, votive candles

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