MerhorseStore Happy New Year-Quote of the week

Happy New Year-Quote of the week

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Happy New Year-Quote of the week

“Nobody can go back and make a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” Mark Robinson

A new years poem (By Jerry, 1993)

It’s New Years again, and I would expect It’s time for agendas, and time to reflect. A time to take inventory, of the year just past, And a time to confront, our errors at last. A time to recall, those no longer here, A time to remember, a time to revere. A time to resolve, for the year now new, To change or adjust, those things we will do. A time to change habits, and really we should, convert them all please, from bad ones to good, A time to thank God, who made night and morning, To see a new day, and enjoy a new dawning, It’s time for us all, to seize the gold fleece, Release sparkles of stardust, of love and new peace. A time to embrace, all those we hold dear, To hold them, and wish them, “A Happy New Year!”

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