Name Plates made to order for you


Name plates from little Reanna Online Store. Send us your Name, text or info and we will make a nameplate like one of these for you.


Name Plates made to order for you.

Name plate, what is that?

A name plate is a way of displaying the name of a person, logo, product or mechanism. It is often made of a variety of materials. It is used as a long-term identification. The production, manufacture and design of nameplates involves a variety of exceptionally durable materials used to etch, engrave or emboss and permanently place data or information.

How do I order my name plate:

1. Open the ad with the nameplate
2. Click on the desired nameplate (name1,name2,name3)
3. Click Ad to Chart
4. Check whether your order is correct and complete your order.
5. Pay via 1 of the specified payment options (GCASH, PAY MAYA, METROBANK)
6. Send your details via the form below (Name and info text)
7. We will first send you an email with a sample of your order
8. Reply to the email with the text “Approved”.
9. Send the mail to / OR to
10. After receiving your payment, we will make and ship your order within 3-7 days to the address you provided when placing the order. If you would like to change your address or other details, please email us, we are here to help. Thanks for your order.

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